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In a series of tests, Mailjet found open rates in the UK and the US rise by just 5% and 6% respectively when emojis accompanied the subject line.

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...New platforms are “creating buzz amongst certain demographics at the moment,” adding that it’s clear that consumers are still reliant upon emails. She acknowledged that it will evolve to accommodate the needs of the 2027 consumer.

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GDPR will increase data protection, enforce stricter data privacy rules and introduce double opt-in, meaning brands will have to be far more careful with how and when they communicate, not least to stay compliant, but also to incentivise audiences toward granting greater permission for their data to be processed and ads personalised.

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A year before GDPR and most marketers still fail the consent test

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of marketers surveyed either cannot answer or incorrectly list the conditions of meeting GDPR requirements for "opt-in" consent. Read The Article

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