Create a dedicated space for your team

Invite your team members and give them specific roles and permissions to control what they can access and manage on your account. Create as many sub-accounts as needed to fit the structure of your company and separate transactional emails from marketing campaigns.


Easily create beautiful responsive email

Browse our email template gallery and use Passport, our intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, to start designing emails that display perfectly in all of your recipients inboxes and devices, whether you’re sending marketing or transactional emails.

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Work on your emails as a team

Save time and work together in real-time on your email design. Avoid back & forth on template building thanks to comments and approvals. Define and protect your brand style by locking specific sections of your templates.


Grow your email list, reach a wider audience

Use subscription forms to build your audience and grow your contacts lists. Easily create functional and attractive widgets without any technical or design expertise and seamlessly integrate them into your website.


Organize your lists and segment your contacts

Collect any kind of data about your customers and create targeted segments to send relevant emails customized to their individual identity, interests, and behaviours.


Add a human touch for better engagement

Easily personalize email templates to show your customers just how special they are. Build trust, engagement and relevance with each send. Personalize your email based on your contact’s properties, from how it looks in your recipient’s inbox to the content they read. You can also easily add dynamic content that will only be displayed to a segment of your list.
Sending Transactional Email? Integrate our Templating Language to dynamically customize your emails with variables, conditional statements, and loops.


Engage your contacts with automated workflows

Interacting with your customers at the right moment is key for a successful marketing strategy. Onboard new recipients, engage at key moments, reward actions, and reactivate inactive users in just a few clicks, thanks to our predefined automated scenarios.


Send the right message at the right time

From building dynamic, personalized and responsive emails to setting up webhooks, our innovative Transactional Email solution provides a powerful suite of features for developers and marketers alike. Want to ensure important notifications and confirmation reach your customers? Use our SMS API to send transactional text messages in 50+ countries.


Reliable API and SMTP Relay

If you’re searching for an Email API built with your technical teams in mind, look no further than Mailgun. Simple to integrate with multiple programming languages and boasting a 99.9% reliability rate, Mailgun’s industry-leading Email API & SMTP Relay will enable you to deliver emails in minutes. Beyond sending, Mailgun’s various products and services make anything possible, from validating contacts to parsing inbound emails for easy organization - Mailgun is prepared to help you build the email program that scales as your business grows. Sign up today and see how you can optimize your emails.

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Test and find what works best for your audience

With A/B Testing, send up to 10 versions of your emails to a subset of your list to identify which version will generate the best engagement for your entire list.


Get actionable insights to grow your business

Get a complete overview of your emails performance and actionable insights to improve your strategy. Setup webhooks and receive event notifications directly in your system or any other external tool.


Integrate with the tool you use

Mailjet integrates to hundreds of pre-built apps and integrations so you can seamlessly connect your e-commerce platform, CRM, or website.